#School info (English)

The Lyceum “Gaetano Salvemini” is a scientific high school, in the city of Bari (Puglia, Southern Italy). It is located in the Centro Polivalente Japigia, which is a group of secondary schools with different courses of study, in a suburb of Bari.

Our Lyceum offers a very good scientific  and humanistic program: the core subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, together with Italian Literature, Latin, History and Philosophy,  Art and Design, and English. It offers also a great variety of integrated modules, especially tailored for students that want to improve their skills in foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish) and multimedia applications (video editing, photography, image editing).  The Lyceum  has a special course for students practicing sport as pro, giving them opportunities to improve their experience in swimming, tennis, athletics, and other sports.

Additionally we have workshops e.g. in Computer Aided Design (CAD), ARTS, DRAMA and MUSIC. Our students have access to very good computer facilities equipped with the latest technology.

Over 1200 students attend the courses of study in our Lyceum. The number of students has gradually risen through the years and it  is still rising. Students are 14 to 20 years old. They are very active in taking part in contests and competitions among secondary schools in the country.

Besides Italian we have courses in English, German, Spanish and French. English is the most common as a second spoken language.

An overlook to our rooms, labs and gymnasium